Topic Generation for Events

About this training

The ability to generate event topics, is not an easy task. It requires that the person responsible can come up with ideas that, not only will generate revenue for the company, but also will reflect the needs of executives when it comes to their professional development.

A strong conference agenda is just as important for organizers, as it is for the attendees. An agenda provides a way for organizers to accurately measure event engagement, provide attendee answers and attracts sponsorship opportunities.

Some of the skills that must be in place in order to be able to create a successful event is the result of great research abilities, good business sense, a great reading of what executives need for their professional development, the strength and know-how while speaking with high level executives, finding money generating sponsorship options and a high level of attendees to the event.

These are the reasons as why, this topic generation training, will be so important to your organization.

Training summary

  • Creating an event with revenue in mind
  • How to create and build a strong leads database to skyrocket your sales numbers
  • The activity sheet: your main guide for all tasks and meeting your deadlines.
  • Generally, the first two weeks of the programme are spent on research
  • General topic research strategy to follow
  • Developing topics from past successful events
  • Check with past delegates for topic ideas
  • Analyse industry trends to come up with event topics
  • Learn from what your clients are looking for
  • What to look for in your research: past conferences, industry publications and portals, competitor events, internet and social media
  • How to create a clear topic brief
  • Using the topic brief to write a successful research questionnaire
  • Research Calls: what and how to ask “how involved are you in..? how do you handle ...? what are the most difficult issues in successful...? what are the benefits for your organisation of...?”
  • Ask the respondent to indicate their appeal through a “1 – 4” questionnaire rating system
  • Who to Call: past delegates & speakers (own and competitors) - Names from research, people and companies recommended on other calls –
  • Include calls to relevant associations, bodies, government departments (test the water here for endorsement opportunities) –
  • Contact consultants & sponsors: be aware of selling motivations
  • Ask for referrals from all your calls! Who else do you need to speak with? Internal/external?
  • Number of research calls to make: 40-60 calls to ensure quality information to decide on a topic
  • The importance of a good “Pitch” for your research calls
  • A good conference producer can weigh the importance of the information they are gathering
  • A good research call is where the other person is doing all the talking!
  • Keeping track of people called and information obtained
  • How to get hold of elusive research contacts
  • Tips on handling difficult people
  • The programme meeting with director and involved teams to decide
  • Determining if a topic is a “Go or No GO” event
  • Involving the sponsorship team in your decision-making process
  • Delegate Sales team involved
  • The final decision

Who is this training for?

  • Conference Directors
  • Conference Producers
  • Event Managers
  • Association Event Producers
  • Association Event Managers
  • Corporations Event Producers
  • Corporations Event Managers
  • Non-Profit Event Directors
  • Non-Profit Event Producers
  • Non-Profit Event Managers
  • Charities Event Producers
  • Charities Event Managers