To Do List Strategy

About this training

To Do or Not To Do. That is the question!

We all have been there, you have a ton of things to do, and for some strange, unexpected reason nothing seems to get done. This doesn’t necessarily mean, that you are terrible at getting things done, believe it or not 89% of people, don’t regularly finish their daily To Do lists. Don’t be worry, you are not alone.

It is critical to achieve your goals, to design and use, a To Do list. There are many strategies that you can use to get more done and make you To Do list more manageable. A good To Do list should serve you!

A good To Do list, makes your life clearer, avoid complications and it provides the steps you must take in order to be effective and accomplish your goals. This is the reason to have a strategic approach – such as organizing tasks by importance or scheduling them in advance – can help you get more done.

Let us assist you in becoming part of 11% who actually finish what they set out to do.

Training summary

  • Focus on completing one task at a time. Don’t move on to the next item until the first is completed
  • Create a schedule that sets aside time for you to complete each task
  • Use the 1-3-5 Rule to focus on one large task, three medium tasks, and five small tasks each day
  • Assign weights to your tasks to determine which are the most important
  • To succeed with your to-do list, you’ll need a way to determine which projects should come first and which can wait
  • How important is it, and how urgent is it? Important is not always urgent
  • Be specific about what each To-Do List Item entails-
  • Create a “Done” list - Sense of accomplishment
  • Add new tasks as quickly as possible
  • Assign Deadlines for every task
  • Revise your To-Do List daily: start every day by going through your "today" to-do list and assess it
  • Put tasks in your To-Do List, not goals and objectives
  • Time each task, as well as the total time for a project
  • Time Blocking: without time-blocking, it can be hard to tell them apart
  • Organize daily tasks and put it in a Daily To Do list
  • Print your daily tasks from your outline calendar
  • Always write down goals and tasks coming up each day (on a note pad) move them to your To Do list at the end of the day
  • Pick a list-making method that works with your life, whether it involves a smartphone, computer, or legal pad.
  • Make notes with urgent daily tasks outside your daily To Do list
  • Review To Do lists at the end of the week to review your effectiveness
  • A master list: this lays out your long-term goals.
  • Meet the MITs (Most Important Tasks) - should become your mantra
  • Break it down: stay specific
  • Include it all: for every task on the list, include as much information as you need to get it done.
  • Time it: put a time estimate next to every task
  • Schedule scheduling: how can you plan your to-do list when you’re so busy to-doing it
  • Start fresh: make a new list every day so the same old items don’t clog up the agenda.
  • Be flexible - Tip: always leave about 15 minutes of “cushion time” in between items on the to-do list or calendar.

Who is this training for?

  • Anyone desiring to be more effective at planning and executing their tasks