Telephone Delegate Sales

About this training

Whether you have a conventional Sales Team, a Telephone Sales Team or a combination of both, selling delegate tickets/passes, subscription or any products, is a challenging task. And your team must be very proficient to ensure your event's success.

It is necessary that your Team, understand that they are dealing with the professional projections of company Directors and Executives. Therefore, they must take the time to know the theme and topics of your events very well. Your Team should gain knowledge and understanding by reading and investigating industry publications, portals and magazines, to be able to have discussions with your potential clients.

It is important to have meetings and a line of communication, between the Conference Producer and the Tele Sales Team responsible for the selling of his/her event, in order to share information, buzz words, key topics, target markets and unique selling points.

Our training will provide you with the best techniques, tools and practices, to make sure that your delegate sales team is successful in selling your event.

Training summary

  • Successfully controlling the mind game of sales
  • Keep your administration neat and tidy for better results
  • Pros and Cons of Telephone Sales
  • High volume of calls – being on the phone = money!
  • The importance of the conference producer “Sales Brief”
  • What are the buzz words in the industry?
  • Understanding the Benefits of Attending an event
  • The Pitch: best practices for delivering your sales presentation
  • 7 Steps to a sale
  • Have an unconscious knowledge of your sales presentation – Don’t read
  • Always support benefits with facts & figures
  • Dealing with “Gate Keepers” to Reach the Decision Maker (DM)
  • Always pitch the right person, the decision maker
  • How to best deal with objections through intelligent questioning?
  • How to understand the difference between a “Major” and a “Minor” objection?
  • Best ways for asking qualifying questions
  • How to apply urgency successfully
  • Hot to create a suitable environment for closing the sale?
  • Different ways to close a sale
  • ABC: Always be closing
  • Beware: unless you listen, you will not be able to hear your potential clients
  • The importance to creating believable urgency
  • Provide package deals, with discounts, for current and future events
  • Accommodate larger audience by offering multiple ticket types
  • Time management for best results
  • Business opportunities as a result of attending an event
  • Networking as a motivator to attend an event
  • Stay focused on the end result: making a sale

Who is this training for?

  • TeleSales Professionals responsible for selling delegates places for Conferences, Exhibitions, Trainings, Seminars, Workshops, etc.