Senior Sales Management

About this training

Managing a sales team is no easy task. It is the sales management responsibility to clearly establish sales roles and responsibilities that arrange your organization and culture best. Structuring your sales team is crucial and the key to reaching your company goals. With clearly established roles, the path to achieve goals becomes clearer to everyone in the organization.

Proper sales management makes sure that a sales team reaches its potential. Without effective management, the talent on a sales team could be unfocused and raw. Great management can turn the raw talent into a coordinated sales force.

Some of the most critical areas that sales management should be focus are: goal setting, strategy development, hiring practices, running the team, the importance of good training and coaching, great recruitment practices, delivery of a successful sales presentation, the ability of overcoming objections, time management, and closing, among others.

We have experience developing and running hundreds of sales teams, and our training will provide you with the tools, procedures and know-how to ensure that your sales team is a success.

Training summary

  • Set High Goals that Are Realistic
  • Identify and Communicate Both Team and Individual Goals
  • Invest time and resources to help your team hit their quotas.
  • Managers should be the hardest working members on the team
  • Lead from the front in sales
  • NLP for Sales Professionals: How to understand ourselves and key ingredients needed for maximum potential.
  • Hire the right individual for the sales team
  • Maintain a full sales team via constant interviewing
  • Running your team: attitude is everything
  • Cultivate a Winning Sales Team - Celebrate Individual and Team Wins
  • Get to Know Your Team - Understand Your Sales Team’s Differences
  • The manager should handle any disagreements in a private office on a one to one basis
  • Train, coach and develop your staff
  • Tools and procedures to maximize your performance
  • Drive Competition - Develop competition between teams and individuals
  • Be fair to all staff members. Don’t show favoritism to team members.
  • To motivate people, you must also be responsible, sincere and honest
  • Identify Sales Team’s Barriers to Success - Fear of being rejected - Poor communication
  • Leads & Database: encourage them to obtain their own leads
  • Substantial training in web-orientations is essential to train them in research skills, not to develop leads for them
  • Sales representatives must do their homework before going for a sales call
  • The sales pitch must be impressive for the desired impact
  • The best ways for making your sales presentations dynamic, entertaining and engaging
  • The seven steps to successful selling
  • How to deal with the "Gate Keepers" (receptionists - personal assistants) in reaching the decision maker.
  • Role Playing: different scenarios performed to test each of the items taught in the training
  • Practical guide to overcome objections in four steps
  • Effective strategies for closing sales
  • How to become an effective "Closer"
  • Pending decisions are monitored closely
  • Gaining respect from employees by helping to close their business
  • Credit Control: always be monitoring checks that are outstanding within your sales team.
  • Time management for sales professionals

Who is this training for?

  • Chief Sales Officers
  • VP of Sales
  • Sales Directors
  • International Sales Directors
  • Direct Sales Directors
  • Recruitment Officers
  • Anyone responsible for running and managing a sales team