Sales Recruitment

About this training

Recruit salespeople must be an ongoing strategy.

Do not start looking for replacements when salespeople leave. The urgency of replacing the lost talent can force you to compromise and the ones hired might be merely the talent available rather than ideal candidates who are a great fit for the company.

Instead, an organization should develop a system that attracts sales talent on an ongoing basis. Promoting your company’s culture, values and rewards on your websites and social media sites for the type of people you are looking to hire would be of great help.

If someone shows interest in working with your organization, ask for his sales results in past positions and how did they manage to win complex accounts. Check all the resumes that are submitted on the website and keep a record of the ones who have demonstrated great results in the past and can be an ideal fit for your company.

Training summary

  • The Ultimate Marketing Professional Profile
  • Strategy: creating the event marketing plan
  • How can you get a more accurate picture of your audience and its size
  • Creating a map of actions and responsibilities to avoid wasting time
  • Different tools for monitoring your activities daily, weekly, monthly
  • Work together with Production to understand “buzz words” and “technical terminology”
  • Key meetings with other divisions to share information and coordinate various efforts
  • Develop a marketing strategy according to your budget
  • Establish the Income and Forecasting for your event
  • Design and develop your database including quality control and security
  • Identifying the right Partners to establish your Strategic Alliances
  • Research industry-event publications, portals, blogs and magazines
  • Contra Deals. A great way to establishing alliances without any cost
  • Establish a strong relationship with industry associations for potential information exchange
  • Create a web page for your event and make sure it is mobile-other devices friendly
  • Include a Landing page in your company Website, to promote your event
  • Ensure that your Event-Web it is up to date and include interesting items (videos, links)
  • Online registration is a must have for your Event-Web
  • Develop an internet marketing strategy to increase delegate acquisition
  • Identify the proper Social Media sites to promote your event – Always keep it updated
  • Optimise your Social Media sites for information sharing and event recommendation
  • Utilize e-Marketing campaigns as the main source of activities
  • Take advantage of different software’s to accurate analyse your e-marketing results
  • Smart use of html’s to promote your events
  • Developing a strategy for your clients, speakers and partners
  • Reward past speakers and attendees
  • Offer discounts & package deals
  • Set up an event tracking strategy to measure marketing effectiveness
  • How many pre-registered and confirmed bookings you have against each list source
  • Ensure that marketing and sales have clear rules to avoid internal disputes
  • Before the Event: planning and preparing
  • Motivate the audience to complete feedback forms by offering a reward

Who is this training for?

  • Marketing executives in charge of conducting campaigns for conferences and any type of events
  • Agencies, associations and corporations who host events and wish to optimise their marketing output