Sales Presentation (The Pitch)

About this training

The ability to deliver a strong sales presentation, will often determine if a potential client will buy from you or your competitors. However, lack pizzazz and are seldom compelling enough to motivate a prospect to make a buying decision. You must create a sales presentation that will motivate buyers.

Most sales presentations are using boring, robotic and unimaginative. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, you need to make sure to deliver yours with enthusiasm and energy. It is important to use your voice and vary your modulation. A common mistake when sales executives deliver their presentation in a monotone, causing the potential buyer to quickly lose interest in your presentation.

Our training will provide sales executives, with the skills and confidence to create and conduct informative, persuasive and professional sales presentation. Our program will prepare them with presentation planning guidelines, understanding a verbal and non-verbal skills, instruction in audience dynamics and improve presentation capabilities.

Training summary

  • A practical game plan to develop your skills and abilities
  • NLP for Sales Professionals: How to understand ourselves and key ingredients needed for maximum potential.
  • Understand and manage the key aspects of our behavior in reaching your professional goals
  • Knowing & Understanding your target audience
  • The use of social media to get to know your potential clients
  • Leads, leads, leads
  • “The Pitch” - Best practices for delivering your sales presentation
  • The seven steps to successful selling
  • Rehearse the “Pitch” until you knowing unconsciously. Don’t read
  • Turn your presentation into a conversation
  • Gate Keepers: never be unprofessional or rude to a PA or secretary
  • Reaching the decision maker: be positive and confident - Be exact and urgent. Build Trust.
  • The importance of the chit-chat
  • You need to create an interest in the first 30 seconds or you have lost your window of opportunity
  • Summarise the product presentation
  • Use relevant examples and data
  • FAB’s: features, advantage and benefits
  • Qualifying questions: qualify to ensure we do not waste our time
  • Practical guide to overcome objections in four steps
  • The key to being able to make substantial sales consistently, lies in your ability to create believable urgency
  • Agreeing to next steps with the buyer at the end of your sales pitch
  • Different types of closing: trial, summary, assumptive, alternative, conditional, direct & lost sale close
  • When closing the sale make sure you close it water tight
  • Ask for the sale: If you don’t ask for the sale you won’t get the sale
  • Never leave messages
  • Always ask for referrals
  • Be unique, be memorable
  • Never be afraid to lose the sale

Who is this training for?

  • Business Owners
  • Chief Sales Officer
  • Sales Directors
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Executives
  • Account Executive
  • Sales Representative
  • Sales Associate
  • Sales Consultant
  • Business Development Manager
  • Direct Salesperson
  • Sales Agent
  • Key Account Manager
  • Telesales
  • Internal Sales
  • Call Centre Operator
  • Relationship Manager
  • Client Relationship Manager
  • Customer Service Representative