LinkedIn Sales Strategy

About this training

Even though, traditional communication and selling channels like the phone or emails are tried and true, a social media platform like LinkedIn can also immensely increase sales performance. According to a LinkedIn report: “1 of every 3 professionals in the world is on LinkedIn” and another done by Forbes indicates that: “78% of sales professionals who use LinkedIn, outperform those who do not”.

LinkedIn is the best social network is a great source of B2B sales intelligent and sales data, as well a key tool for lead generation. Many professionals are using it for prospecting and are witnessing a significant increase in opportunities and sales performance.

Alternatively, most LinkedIn users are on the site, specifically for professional geared content. They are seeking out information that with help grow their businesses and if you can provide them with high-quality content, it becomes much easier to convert.

Our training will provide your with great a great strategy and tools to take advantage of this great social media business tool.

Training summary

  • Develop a successful LinkedIn sales strategy
  • Align sales and marketing with the strategy
  • Drive traffic to your website to build audience engagement
  • Build a great profile page for your business
  • Have in depth knowledge of your competitor’s profiles
  • Use a powerful “headline” indicating how you cater to your potential clients
  • Generate curiosity to give your customers reasons to want your solutions
  • Ensure your executives have a strong LinkedIn presence
  • Research strategies to find your clients in LinkedIn
  • Use the search function to find and connect with your prospects
  • Make sure of connecting with your prospects before and after the first contact with them
  • Create a variety of different letters to send for all occasions (invitation, product presentation, call set up)
  • Increase your database by exporting and including your LinkedIn contacts
  • Join the groups your prospects are in – Engage in groups consistently
  • Follow your prospects and client’s companies
  • Leverage the power of InMail – Keep your messages short and simple
  • Ensure to share valuable content as a company policy
  • Increase customer’s success rates by solving problems and answer important questions to prove you are worth doing business with
  • Invite customers to decline your offer (get more response by affirming prospects’ right to say ‘no thanks’)
  • Offer step-by-step instructions of your products and services to your prospects
  • Always ask your customers for referrals
  • Optimize LinkedIn for Prospecting before or after launching a new product or service

Who is this training for?

  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • CEO’s
  • General Managers
  • Sales Executives
  • Marketing Executives
  • Business Development Executives
  • Database Executives
  • Customer Service Executives
  • International Business Executives