Corporate Sales Strategy & Execution

About this training

There are numerous and different ways of selling when your target is the corporate world. And, there are many layers in this process and the dealing with powerful executives, this could be critical, if not well prepared for it. You will have to be at your best in reaching your objectives. The key challenge involves having the appropriate preparation, a good strategy and the knowledge of what happens in every step of the sales process.

Competitive economic environments, are experiencing accelerated transformation and innovation in sales strategy and business development. Competition and globalization require that sales strategy is implemented in a more professional manner therefore, the consequences of poor performance of sales and management may be critical for the survival of any organization.

The aim of our training is to provide systems and the tools in building a successful, coherent sales strategy and excellent execution of the sales processes all throughout the sales cycle. You will learn to more accurately analyze and improve individual and team actions, predict future sales, establish appropriate targets and properly position your company in a competitive market. You will then have the confidence and the knowledge to reach your potential.

Training summary

  • NLP for Sales Professionals: How to understand ourselves and key ingredients needed for maximum potential.
  • Understand and manage the key aspects of our behavior in reaching your professional goals.
  • Developing a winning “Sales Professional Profile”
  • Maximizing profits through comprehensive strategy
  • Gaining knowledge of the industry, market and target segment of your potential clients
  • Develop continuous documentation and monitoring of their activities to improve your strategy
  • Tools and procedures to maximize your performance
  • Find out your customer’s strengths, weaknesses, ambitions, failures, competitors and challenges.
  • Effectively making contact with "C" level executives
  • How to deal with the "Gate Keepers" (receptionists - personal assistants) in reaching the decision maker.
  • The best ways for making your sales presentations dynamic, entertaining and engaging
  • The seven steps to successful selling
  • Provide your customers with solutions coming from your products and services
  • Are you selling or showing?
  • Turn your sales presentation into a business conversation
  • Make words, tonality and sound your best weapon
  • Who is involved in the decision-making process?
  • The art of listening to achieve your sales targets
  • Provide the correct and accurate information to avoid unwanted objections
  • Practical guide to overcome objections in four steps
  • Ensure to have your qualifying questions lined up within your sales presentation
  • Establish the right context to create urgency
  • Effective strategies for closing sales
  • How to become an effective "Closer"
  • Time management for sales professionals
  • Why are timelines so important in sales?
  • How to find key information by listening to the customer
  • How to develop a strong team between the marketing and sales departments
  • The importance of training, rehearsing and practice before a sales call
  • Using social media to find and reach your clients
  • Role Playing: different scenarios performed to test each of the items taught in the training.
  • How to develop a strong team between the marketing and sales departments

Who is this training for?

  • Chief Sales Office
  • VP of Sales
  • Business Owners
  • Sales Director
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Executive
  • Sales Associate
  • Sales Representative
  • Sales Consultant
  • Sales Team Leaders
  • Business Owners
  • Call Centre Executives
  • Sales Agent
  • Key Account Manager
  • Telesales
  • Internal Sales