Conference Production

About this training

The role of a conference producer is key to the success of any event. 

The conference producer is responsible for researching and the content of each conference and for recruiting best-in-class speakers, whilst also understanding the commercial angles of the conference to deliver comprehensive briefings to the Sales & Marketing teams. In order to be a great conference producer, you must spend much of your working day speaking to senior executives and government figure in order to confirm the best possible options to deliver the presentation in a program.

In order to achieve the highest levels of conference production you have to sell your event to your potential speakers and convince them (close them in selling terms) to participate at your event. In order to do it you must develop your commercial and sell skills. They also need to be interested in business and able to use their own initiative

We are privileged to have worked in hundreds of events and trainings for the last 25 years, in more than 35 international destinations. The skills and experience gained from these assignments, have provide us with the skills and experience, to deliver the best and highest standards that will provide our clients with the tools and procedures to make your event a success.

Training summary

  • What are the skills and abilities that a conference producer must develop to be successful
  • Setting the best states of mind to better execute your role
  • Creating an event with revenue in mind
  • How to find money generating topics
  • Using the activity sheet as a guideline in reaching deadlines
  • Best practices to do your event research (Portals, industry magazines, competitor’s events, etc.)
  • Writing the topic brief
  • Developing the right speaker’s questionnaire
  • How to conduct successful research calls – What and how to ask
  • Keeping track of people called and information obtained
  • How to convert your research in a draft program
  • Buzz words useful in deciding the title conference and writing the program
  • The Go-No Go meeting – what your team is looking for to move forward
  • Choosing the right speakers to invite
  • Matching speakers with topics
  • Reasons as why speakers agree to speak – Finding the right arguments
  • How to conduct the telephone invitations
  • Always try to contact the potential speaker personally before sending them the event information
  • Identifying the most common objections conference producers face while producing an event
  • Techniques to overcome speaker’s objections
  • Writing clever and appealing invitations
  • How to create a suitable environment for your speaker’s confirmation?
  • What to do when a speaker accepts – The confirmation letter
  • Budgetary guidelines – Getting maximum bang for your budget
  • Handling speaker’s drop-outs
  • Presenting the event brief to the sales teams
  • Develop a successful relationship between production and the sponsorship team
  • Running the conference smoothly
  • Steps to take after the conference
  • Conference speakers thank you letters and evaluations

Who is this training for?

  • Conference Directors
  • Conference Producers
  • Event Managers
  • Association Event Producers
  • Association Event Managers
  • Corporations Event Producers
  • Corporations Event Managers
  • Non-Profit Event Directors
  • Non-Profit Event Producers
  • Non-Profit Event Managers
  • Charities Event Producers
  • Charities Event Managers