Time Management

About this training

Time management can be a daily challenge.

Like the majority of executives and business owners, you probably believe you do not have enough time, however, lately many technologies have emerged and have increase productivity and reduced the time and effort it takes to do more of our jobs and tasks. The reality is we are gaining more time not less. The issue is how we decide to spend the time we have the best we can.

We all have the same 24 hours per day, yet some individuals are so much more productive with their time. Whether or not you believe you have enough time to get it all done, the simple truth is nobody was born knowing how to manage time. Time management is a skill anyone can learn.

Highly productive executives incorporate time management best practices into their daily lives, to create and effective time management system that serves them every day. If you want to gain more productive time, you must develop the skills and abilities that can make you much more productive and successful.

Our training will provide you with key time management tips on how to improve time management as well as many tools and techniques.

Training summary

  • How you use your time, should always be guided by effective goal-setting
  • Writing down your goals including time variables and deadlines
  • Using time management tools (To Do lists)
  • Brake down the time for each activity
  • Divide your activities by areas and sub-areas to be clear
  • Priorities as the key to organize your activities and time management
  • Using a simple A,B,C system to breakdown priorities
  • Complete the most important task first
  • Identify who else is involved with your activities to coordinate time management
  • Keep a time log for activities and projects
  • Most common time wasters and how to avoid them
  • Divide your tasks by projects to be more effective
  • The importance of hitting your deadlines
  • Set expectations and boundaries with your time – Learn to say “No”
  • Leave a buffer-time between tasks
  • Delegate in order to be more effective with your time management
  • Develop a mindset for success with your time
  • Plan your day and measure the results you achieve with your time
  • The relationship between accomplishment and high self-esteem
  • Be focus on your goals and priorities
  • Let your calendar run your day
  • Overcoming procrastination and move forward
  • Be aware of the value of your time
  • Maximize down-time
  • Work-life balance: rest, eat well, exercise
  • Best practices to miminize distractions
  • Plan ahead & plan for the unknown
  • Re-adjust and be flexible

Who is this training for?

  • Executives, business owners and entrepreneurs, looking to develop their time management skills