Venue Space Sales

About this training

There is a great deal of competition, when it comes to the hotel-venue sales industry, especially when you have other meetings and events sites. Such as management training centers, universities and unique, non-traditional venues such as museums and other tourist attractions.

It is critical for venue providers, to have a great understanding of their client’s needs, what they are looking when it comes to the services they require, to receive a superb customer service and coordination from all the areas involved in taking care of them while their events are taking place. Without it, there is a great difficulty to gain new clients and to keep them.

In this training, tactics and strategies with be dissected, for a well-rounded outlook on venue sales. Participants will leave with new confidence and tools to navigate clients need, more efficiently, closing more inbound calls along with prospecting and developing new clients.

Training summary

  • Defining the best targets for your venue space
  • Industry targets: association and corporate events, meetings and conferences, weddings and fundraisers, etc.
  • Understand clients’ needs for their events
  • Exploring the client’s mindset – seeing it from the client’s perspective
  • Understanding client’s objectives and decision-making rationale
  • Offer a total event solution
  • Knowing your competitor’s well
  • Analyzing your competitor’s packages
  • Standing out in a competitive market
  • Direct and in-direct competition
  • Develop a very effective research strategy in finding your potential clients
  • How to analyze your products and services and use it as part of your strategy to find clients?
  • How to coordinate with your database division to ensure that all information goes in?
  • Using social media to open doors
  • How to find your decision maker researching social media
  • Better match your clients’ needs by knowing your property well
  • Features and benefits of your property options
  • Site Tour - Have all areas involved ready for the tour
  • Best ways for making your sales presentation dynamic, entertaining and engaging
  • Practical guide to overcome objections in four steps
  • Developing Winning Proposals and understand the decision-making process
  • Best practices for closing the sale
  • Customer Service - What are your client needs before and during their events?
  • Making sure that all division are working together
  • Common complaints from clients and how to respond
  • In-Bound Business - How to close more in-bound leads
  • Looking after your clients by creating a national accounts team
  • Post event activities – The importance of a post event debrief and follow up

Who is this training for?

  • This course is designed for those executives responsible for venue sales.