eMarketing Strategies

About this training

In order to have a successful event, you must make your eMarketing at the front of your strategy.

40% of marketing executives, believe email marketing, is the single most effective channel for promoting event. It makes perfect sense: everyone uses email. We check our emails when we wake up, throughout the day and sometimes when you should be sleeping!

eMarketing is cheap, requires little resources and can adjust to be used, both, for small and huge lists at once. Plus, you have available a variety of event marketing software, that allows marketers to easily launch massive eMarketing campaigns, will the ability to analyze data to read and adjust along the way.

Our training, was created to be a source of inspiration for your eMarketing strategy. Providing the diversity of actions and procedures to ensure your success.

Training summary

  • Creating your event email marketing strategy
  • Identify the eMarketing and business goals, and segment your target audience for best results
  • Email marketing - Finance: decrease event costs by saving on postage and printing
  • Who is your audience: define your target audience and wisely focus your eMarketing actions with a personalized feel
  • The importance of an eMarketing schedule/calendar for strategy execution
  • A combination of core design principles will yield the best email marketing results
  • Three sections: try to include no more than three separate sections within an email (conciseness and simplicity)
  • Taking risks: make your email stand out from the rest
  • Customize event email marketing and templates to match your company branding
  • Use smart content to increase click-through
  • Gain excitement by talking about what the reader can expect on your event
  • Personalized emails: give people what they want and increase your customer engagement
  • Use strong images to drive engagement: 65% of readers prefer image-heavy emails
  • Deliberate Messaging: make sure your intention is clear and deliberate
  • Make your email CTAs (call to action) clear and bold: emphasizing the “Register Now” over the other buttons
  • Early bird tickets: it will persuade readers to register
  • Engaging Video Content: including video is a great way to gain high click rates
  • Measure performance: keep an eye on your event metrics to see which emails perform best
  • The importance of a great database: quantity and quality for list building
  • HTML’s: be clever and attract clients interest
  • Do eMarketing campaigns by stages as per different targets
  • eMarketing software: know who is looking at your information (open & click rates)
  • Avoid being flagged as spam: create specific and personalized messages that stay out of spam folders
  • Test events marketing message effectiveness by sending different emails to targeted groups.
  • It’s a mobile world: make your email look great on mobile
  • The subject line: place the most important words at the beginning and keep your subject line short.
  • The body: should be a header, content block, and call to action
  • The reminder email: people are busy, it is wise to send a reminder email
  • Your post-event email could focus on: event recap (pictures, videos,) thank you message and promotion for another upcoming event
  • Sense of urgency: include a countdown timer and pressure readers into registering for the event

Who is this training for?

  • Marketing Executives
  • Sales Executives
  • Those responsible for their company’s online marketing strategy