"Over 25 years of experience in more than 30 countries around the world"
Experts in: Events Industry - Selling to the Corporate World - Venue Sales and Assisting and Developing Small & Medium Enterprises
Event Industry
We have been selling, producing and marketing events, for over 25 years in every major market in the world. We provide training for events, conferences, trade shows, associations, as well as companies that utilize them as part of their strategy to promote their products and services. We understand and have the know-how of all the variables that make an event a success.
Corporate Sales
We have been selling to the corporate market, to every division in an organization. All of our products have been targeted to this sector and we know how to be successful at selling them. The aim of our trainings is to provide systems and tools for building a successful sales strategy and execution. You will learn to more accurately analyze and improve individual and team actions, predict future sales, establish appropriate targets and properly position your company in a competitive market.
Venue Sales
There is a great deal of competition, when it comes to the hotel-venue sales industry, especially when you have other meetings and events sites. Such as management training centers, universities and unique, non-traditional venues such as museums and other tourist attractions. In our trainings, tactics and strategies with be dissected, for a well-rounded outlook on venue sales. We will provide the tools and confidence to navigate customer needs, more effective ways for closing more inbound calls along with prospecting and developing new clients.
Small & Medium Enterprises (SME's)
SME's, are the foundation of any country's economic activity, yet, many of these companies have a difficult time competing successfully. We provide SME's with proven practices, to increase sales, ongoing product development, gain market share and the reduction of execution times. We have developed techniques and procedures to drive continuous improvement in the SME's operation and strategy execution. Whether a start-up, an established organization struggling to maintain market share or a proactive firm with big ambitions, we will work with your company to achieve any and all of these goals.
Consulting Services
ASM Training has over 25 years of experience, doing business and providing training in over 30 countries in major regions around the world, including the USA, Latin America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.
Using our extensive experience, ASM Training provides training and consulting on how to increase sales, developing a strong team and salesforce, gaining market share and managing time.
In-House Training
Companies are recognizing the lasting impact that in-house training has on their staff's performance. The main reason is that everyone comes together in a shared common goal. It is also important because your company can ensure that your team's skill sets are aligned, and all staff are receiving the same level of development. Deciding on an effective training course, for your team can be a difficult task with a great number of questions to mull over: What should be the content and what are the topics that need to be covered? Should we organize the training internally? All questions that need to be answered.