Telephone Sales Training Full Program
Skills and abilities needed to reach your potential
  • What are the skills and abilities that a sales professional must develop?

  • How to create a successful strategy of gaining knowledge in all areas of your business.

  • Develop a time frame, with specific deadlines, to create a successful game plan.

  • Understanding of the price you have to pay in order to reach your highest potential.

Successfully controlling the mind game of sales
  • Keys to understanding and managing behavioral aspects in reaching professional goals

  • Methods to achieve the “desired states of mind” for sales success.

  • Understanding fears and mastering them for our highest personal and professional development.

  • Summary - NLP for Sales: How to understand ourselves and key ingredients that will help us in reaching our potential.

Developing the best strategy for reaching your sales goals
  • Generating a comprehensive strategy for profit maximization.

  • Plan according to the sales cycles of your events, products and services.

  • Methods to reach the highest potential revenue levels.

  • How to define your goals and make this definition quantifiable.

  • Using different tools for monitoring your goals daily, weekly and monthly.

Best Practices for Your Sales Team
  • Plan and share information and insights with the Production team.

  • Research and preparation of the event theme and topics.

  • Understanding of industry words and tendencies to better sell your event.

  • Develop a strategy while avoiding overlaps among team members.

  • Have a game plan, with specific goals, for both the team and each team member.

  • How to target the best industries to increase your sales.

  • Team communication, updates and adjustments that are needed to be made specific for your team.

Best practices to maximize your productivity
  • Use the best tools, to reach maximum revenue, for your events.

  • The importance of administrative tasks having accurate information on the strategies execution.

  • Working with a master document that will monitor and supervise all activities.

  • How to prepare and send the best letters and e-mails to potential clients.

  • How internal communication can help you achieve team goals.

Reaching your goals by establishing monitoring procedures
  • Using the best tools, to monitor your daily activities.

  • Identifying key factors necessary to implement the plan and achieve success.

  • Ascertain what areas are crucial to ensure success.

  • Develop a collaborative surveillance system to improve your performance.

Time Management for Best Results
  • The Importance of planning in advance to benefit your productivity.

  • How to create a schedule to attack your prospective client base.

  • How to stop the unproductive activities that waste time.

  • How to improve your organizational skills to save time.

Best practices for delivering your sales presentation
  • Developing an effective prospecting script to secure more sales.

  • How to deal with the “Gate Keepers” (Receptionists – Personal Assistants) to reach the Decision Maker.

  • Explore the best ways in making your Sales Presentation dynamic, entertaining and engaging.

  • The seven steps of successful selling.

  • How to build ongoing relationships with potential clients to develop long-lasting relationships.

  • How to ask the qualifying questions, for your product, in a non-confrontational manner.

Understanding the Benefits of Attending an event
  • The key reasons and motivations for attending a conference.

  • The importance of keeping up to date with industry trends and new procedures.

  • Using networking as a motivator to attend an event.

  • Business opportunities as a result of attending an event.

  • Ensure that your company and executives are “players” in the industry.

Avoiding the "Gate Keepers" and reach the decision maker
  • How to communicate and deal with "gate keepers".

  • Be prepared for your call before picking up the phone.

  • Have a well-thought and planned reason for your call to avoid “the gatekeepers”.

  • How to identify and avoid mistakes when dealing with the non- decision makers.

Best practices for overcoming objections
  • Practical guide to overcome objections in only four easily defined steps.

  • How to best deal with objections through intelligent questioning.

  • Learn how to overcome the top objections in any selling process.

  • How to understand the difference between a “Major” and a “Minor” objection.

Best practices for Closing the sale
  • How to create a suitable environment for the completion of the sale.

  • Different ways you will have in closing the sale.

  • How to create a sense of urgency in closing.

  • How to become an effective "closer".

The importance of having a solid strategy for your social media actions
  • Choose your Social Media Platform specifically to match your target market.

  • The simple and effective way of using social media.

  • How to find your decision maker as you research social media platforms.

  • Develop specific sites for your events.

  • Create a network to promote your events.

Marketing & Sales: The Teamwork for Success
  • Selling marketing ideas to be included in your strategy.

  • Best use of eMarketing software to generate sales.

  • How to develop a strong team between marketing and sales departments.

  • Best HTMLs to e-market your event, products and services.

Establishing the best marketing alliances for your organization
  • How to identify the best partners for marketing strategic alliances.

  • Best practices in negotiating the best possible alliance deals with your partners.

  • Who are the most important players within the industry/sector you are working with?

  • Exchanging information and asking for databases from your partners.

  • What are the best actions to take with your partners to better promote your events?

  • How alliances partners help you achieve your revenue targets?

  • Negotiate the best deal to promote events in your partners portals, publications and magazines.

Build A LinkedIn Group
  • Create a LinkedIn group, for your event, to increase exposure.

  • Generating revenue using an Event LinkedIn Group.

  • How a LinkedIn Group increase collaboration and group discussions.

  • Use specific discounts for individuals signing on to your event LinkedIn group.

  • Write articles and add important information to your Event LinkedIn Group.

Create an Email Newsletter
  • Designate a person to be responsible for your newsletter.

  • Create an e-mail publication to steer and engage people to your event.

  • Identify the best target audience and offer special discounts through your newsletter.

  • Include the possibility of purchasing tickets, to your event, through the newsletter.

  • Build the possibility that a newsletter could be offered to other potential clients.

Creating a Strong and Successful Sales Team
  • Skills and variables that create successful teams.

  • How to develop an inclusive strategy to avoid overlaps.

  • Building the team as you find and hire new talent.

  • Provide coaching in the day, in the moment.

  • Protect your time. You can’t sell if you aren’t spending time with customers.

Looking After Your Clients by Creating a National Accounts Team
  • Create a team dedicated to take care of your company's clients.

  • Increase sales volume by offering special discounts to your clients.

  • Have a group discount available that includes an option for a substitute event.

  • Defining best offers to the company clients.

  • How to create a better and closer relationship with clients.

  • Motivate clients to provide you with referrals and offer them a discount for their efforts.

Speaker’s and Past Attendees Networks – A Good Source for Sales
  • Offering your networks a motivation for future discounts as an incentive for assisting the company.

  • Utilizing network social media accounts as a platform to promote your event.

  • Provide package deals, with discounts, for current and future events.

  • How to have your networks promote your event through internal company portals.

  • How to make a win-win situation for all of those involved.

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