Telephone Sales Training

Whether you have a conventional Sales Team, a Telephone Sales Team or a combination of both, selling delegate tickets/passes, subscription or any products, is a challenging task. And your team must be very proficient to ensure your event's success.

It is necessary that your Team, understand that they are dealing with the professional projections of company Directors and Executives. Therefore, they must take the time to know the theme and topics of your events very well. Your Team should gain knowledge and understanding by reading and investigating industry publications, portals and magazines, to be able to have discussions with your potential clients.

It is important to have meetings and a line of communication, between the Conference Producer and the Tele Sales Team responsible for the selling of his/her event, in order to share information, buzz words, key topics, target markets and unique selling points.

Training Summary:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Best Practices for your Sales Team

  • The Sales Presentation

  • Overcoming Objections

  • Closing Sales

  • Time Management

  • Social Media & Marketing

* Note: You can choose the full program or choose the topics that better suit your needs.

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