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Telephone Sales Training Full Program

Profile in becoming the best conference producer
  • What are the skills and abilities that a Conference Producer must develop.

  • How to create a successful strategy to gain knowledge in all areas.

  • Develop a time frame with specific deadlines to create a successful game plan.

  • Building on and refining the skills you have learned.

  • Improving the quality, speaker line-ups, size and revenue of your conferences.

Setting the best states of mind to better execute your role
  • Understand and Manage key aspects of our behavior in reaching our professional goals.

  • Summary - NLP for Sales: how to understand ourselves and the ingredients that will help us reach our ultimate potential.

  • Methods to achieve the desired states of mind for sales success.

  • Understand our fears and master them for highest personal and professional development.

Creating an Event with Revenue in Mind
  • How to find revenue generating topics.

  • What to look for when creating with a conference topic.

  • A game plan to reach the highest potential revenue levels for your event.

  • How to use portals, publications, and other sources to find the proper information.

  • Involve other divisions in the company to provide and get feedback.

Tools and procedures that will maximize your productivity
  • How to save time while improving your organizational skills.

  • Set time to take care of your administrative tasks.

  • Work within a master document to monitor and supervise all activities.

  • How to prepare the best letters and e-mails to send to potential speakers and partners.

Time Management Tools and Procedures
  • Using the activity sheet as a guideline in reaching deadlines.

  • How to create a schedule for attracting your potential speakers.

  • The Importance of planning in advance to benefit your productivity.

  • How to eliminate unproductive activities resulting in lost time.

  • How to improve organizational skills to save time.

Monitoring and Adjusting Performance to Achieve your Goal
  • The best tools to monitor your daily activities.

  • Identifying key factors necessary to implement the plan and achieve success.

  • Identify areas that are crucial to ensure success.

  • Develop collaborative surveillance system to improve your performance.

Speaker selection, invitation and confirmation
  • How to target the right speakers by seniority, industry and experience.

  • Set up specific times for the invitation period to meet your deadlines.

  • Keeping in mind, the commercial R.O.I. of your event, while inviting speakers.

  • Monitor on-going management of the relationship with potential speakers.

Understanding the Motivational Drivers for Speakers to Participate
  • What is the motivation for speakers to participate.

  • Identifying the key benefits for speakers to be part of an event.

  • Strategies for probing speaker’s, their motivations and needs related to their participation.

  • Identifying the most common objections conference producers face while producing an event.

  • Techniques to overcome speaker’s objections.

  • Develop a win-win situation for speakers and their companies to participate at an event.

Choosing the best database for your company needs
  • How to design the appropriate Database for your company.

  • How to divide the fields in areas to include all variables.

  • What essential fields you must include in your database.

  • Coordination between the database and sales.

  • Keeping the database free of errors and updated on a regular basis.

Best practices for presentation the production
  • Developing an effective prospecting script to secure your speakers.

  • How to deal with the “Gate Keepers” and reach the Decision Maker.

  • Best ways for making your presentation dynamic, entertaining and engaging.

  • The seven steps to a successful presentation.

  • How to build connections with your potential speakers to develop long-lasting relationships.

  • How to ask qualifying questions in a non-confrontational manner.

Strategy for overcoming objections when confirming the speakers
  • Practical guide to overcome Objections in four easy steps.

  • How to best deal with objections through intelligent questioning.

  • Learn how to overcome the top objections in any presentation.

  • How to understand the difference between a “Major” and a “Minor” objections.

Closing Your Speaker’s Participation
  • How to create a suitable environment for your speaker’s confirmation.

  • Different ways to confirm your speaker’s participation.

  • How to create a sense of urgency in closing.

  • How to become an effective "closer".