Sponsorship & Exhibition Training

One of the more important reasons in producing a successful conference, trade show, or event is creating revenue gains through sponsorship and exhibition sales.

The event content along with speakers and delegate sales make up a great revenue generator, however, the highest revenue comes from Sponsorship and Exhibition Sales.

We have the knowledge and experience in selling sponsorship and exhibitions in 30 countries worldwide.

We understand the pressures of achieving sales goals along with performing market research to ensure the best possible products-services targets for your event.

Finding the right Decision Maker, delivering an excellent product presentation, overcoming objections and taking a sale to a close, are paramount in achieving your company goals.

Training Summary:

  • Research = Success

  • Dealing with “Gate keepers” to reach Decision Maker

  • Delivering a powerful Sales Presentation

  • Overcoming most common Objections

  • Best closing sales practices

  • Effectively using Social Media Platforms

* Note: You can choose the full program or choose the topics that better suit your needs.

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