Small & Medium Sized Enterprises Full Program
The profile of an entrepreneur / Business owner?
  • Developing the skills and abilities that a business owner-entrepreneur must develop to reach his/her potential

  • How to create a successful strategy to gain knowledge in all areas of your company

  • Develop a time frame, with specific deadlines, to create a successful game plan.

  • Understanding of the price you will have to pay in order to reach your potential.

Playing the mind game of business
  • Understand and manage key aspects of your behavior in reaching our professional goals

  • Summary - NLP: How to understand ourselves and the key ingredients that will help us in reaching our potential

  • Methods to achieve the desired “state of mind” for success

  • Understanding our fears and master them for our highest personal and professional development

The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Goal Setting
  • Start with a dream and create a plan to reach it.

  • Analyze and plan for all available options.

  • How to define your goals and make this definition quantifiable.

  • Communicating plans to all divisions and coordinating efforts.

  • Establishing different tools for monitoring your activities daily, weekly, monthly.

  • Plan according to sales cycles of your events – products and services.

The importance of Time Management
  • The Importance of planning, in advance, to benefit your productivity.

  • How to create scheduling to approach your prospective client base.

  • How to stop wasting time regarding unproductive activities.

  • How to improve and add time saving skills.

Using the right tools to maximize your productivity
  • How to improve your organizational skills in saving time

  • Set a schedule to take care of your administrative tasks.

  • Working with a master document to monitor and supervise all activities.

  • How to prepare correspondence to send out to potential clients.

  • How internal communication can help you achieve team goals.

Developing a winning sales strategy
  • Define your target market.

  • Analyze the depth and detail of your database.

  • Establish products and services you deliver.

  • What specific benefits will the prospect derive from your product or service.

  • Have a clear definition of your target market sectors and industries.

  • Establish who is the target for your products / services.

  • Develop simple procedures to monitor activities and progress

  • Gather the best team to reach your goals

  • Define what other customers can you promote as reference sites, testimonials, case studies.

  • How should you initially engage with the prospect.

The benefits of having a well thought out database
  • How to design the appropriate database for your company.

  • What fields must be included in your database?

  • Coordination between the database and other divisions within the organization.

  • Have a trained team to keep the database both clean and updated.

  • How to increase and keep your database free of mistakes

Creating a Strong and Successful Sales Team
  • Skills and variables that create successful teams

  • How to develop inclusive strategy in avoiding overlaps

  • Building the team by finding and hiring qualified talent

  • Coaching: In the day – in the moment

  • Rewards, responsibilities and penalties (carrots and the stick)

  • Be clear and specific with the professional projections of your team

  • Develop clear monitoring systems

Obtaining a high rate of success by delivering a great sales presentation
  • Developing an effective sales presentation to ensure success.

  • How to deal with the “Gate Keepers” (Receptionists – Personal Assistants) in reaching the Decision Maker.

  • Best ways for making your sales presentation dynamic, entertaining and engaging.

  • The seven steps to successful selling.

  • How to build connections with your potential clients and develop a long-lasting relationship.

  • How to ask the qualifying questions regarding your product in a non-confrontational manner.

Overcoming objections: the key to the kingdom
  • How to create a suitable environment for the closing of the sale.

  • How to best deal with objections through intelligent questioning.

  • Learn how to overcome the top five objections in the selling process.

  • How to understand the difference between a “Major” and a “Minor” objections.

Closing your sales successfully
  • How to become an effective "closer".

  • How to create a suitable environment for the closing of the sale.

  • Different ways of closing the sale.

  • How to create a sense of urgency in closing.

Monitoring and Improving Your Performance to Reach Your Goals
  • Identify key factors necessary to implement a plan and achieve success.

  • Establish what areas are crucial to ensure success.

  • Develop collaborative surveillance system to improve your performance.

Simply marketing strategy for SME’s
  • Create a clear, dynamic company website

  • Analyze the different marketing actions to take

  • Using e-marketing effectively by monitoring activities

  • Smart use of HTML’s to promote your products and services

  • Identify potential media partners

  • Create and participate at industry events to acquire new clients

Finding your clients through the use of social media
  • Choose you social media platform to establish your target market.

  • A simple and effective way of using social media.

  • How to find your decision maker researching social media.

  • The development of your sites for your events.

  • Create a network to promote those events.

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