Small & Medium Sized Enterprises - SME's

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) are the foundation of any country's economic activity, yet, many of these companies have a difficult time competing successfully. Doing business in a competitive environment, while dealing with resource constraints, SME’s ought to find creative ways to overcome their challenges and ultimate success.


The most difficult challenge for SME’s is attracting new business.

Strategy & Sales are key business domains, where SME’s can deploy unique strategies and tactics, in order to improve their business results, in spite of their limitations.


We provide SME’s with proven practices, to increase sales, ongoing product development, gain market share and the reduction of execution times. We have developed techniques and procedures to drive continuous improvement in the SME’s operation and execution. Whether a start-up, an established organization struggling to maintain market share or a proactive firm with big ambitions, we will work with your company to achieve any and all of these goals.

Training Summary:

  • The profile of an Entrepreneur / Business owner

  • The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Goal Setting

  • Use of the right tools to maximize productivity

  • Developing a winning sales strategy

  • Creating a Strong and Successful Sales Team

  • Obtaining a high rate of success by delivering a great sales presentation

  • Overcoming objections: It’s the key to the kingdom

  • Closing sales successfully

  • Effective marketing strategy for SME’s

* Note: You can choose the full program or choose the topics that better suit your needs.

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