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March 14 , 2019  - Las Vegas Country Club

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McMenemy Investment Services

If you’re looking to invest in Las Vegas commercial real estate McMenemy Investment Services is your hired gun–the go-to guy who can cut through the red tape to land the deal.  The Las Vegas commercial real estate market is a hard-hitting, tough-minded world, and having the right information will make the difference between winning and losing.  If you dare to wade into these waters, you will need a strong representative, someone who will act in your defense to find the deals and ward off the sharks. McMenemy Investment Services is your guide to this dynamic market where the deals never stop.
In its more than 30 years in business, McMenemy Investment Services has gained experience in every aspect of commercial real estate. Ron McMenemy, founder and CEO of McMenemy Investment Services, is a licensed broker and businessman who brings both his real estate expertise and straight talking business style to bear on every facet of his work which is helping you create a portfolio that will enhance your bottom line.  Ron looks for four things in every deal:


  • Clients who are goal oriented, have long-term financial goals and have a clear vision for their investments. You can’t help someone who doesn’t know what they want.

  • Projects that are challenging. Anything that’s not isn’t going to be worth the time anyway.

  • Projects that are mutually lucrative for all parties involved. Everybody has to win.

  • It’s got to be fun! We’re not on this planet for anything else.

Finally, what McMenemy Investment Services really offers is the knowledge that will allow your company to grow and realize its financial goals. Their consultancy services are unbiased and geared toward helping you make decisions, not just make the first deal that comes down the pike. We have over $500 million in closed transactions and we continue to close on properties every week. Let our knowledge work for you.

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