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& Overcoming Objections Conference

“Invest 4 hours in a practical, dynamic and successful training that will make the difference for your organization”

The old phrase “nothing happens in a company till a sale is made” has been truism since the beginning of the modern era. Today and due to the global economic situation, the phrase has been changed to “without a sale, not sure if we will be in business”.

The globalization, new technologies and the level of competition that we experience every day is a very important aspect to train the sales professional in a different way. The difference is an emphasis on the personal relationships with “our clients”, developing a strong rapport and delivering a powerful, clear and professional sales presentation.

This training course will provide you with the tools, techniques and the appropriate information to face today’s challenges and to make sure that you have a master plan that will guide you reaching your goals and professional ambitions.

Training Summary:

  • Develop a strategy that will guarantee you the opportunity of reaching your goals 

  • What skills and abilities a sales professional must develop

  • Develop a time frame with specific deadlines, to create a successful game plan  

  • Methods to achieve the desired state of mind for sales success

  •  The development of an effective sales presentation to secure more sales

  • The seven steps to successful selling

  • How to ask the qualifying questions in a non-confrontational manner

  • Practical guide to overcome objections in only four easily defined steps

  • Learn how to overcome the top objections in any selling process

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