Sales Presentation

& Overcoming Objections

July 31 – 2018 | 12PM to 4PM

Nevada Hispanic Business Group

4350 S Eastern Ave #10

Las Vegas – Nevada 89119

"In twenty years' time, you will regret more of what you did not do than what you did. Then tear down the ropes, leave the safe haven, catch the successful winds, go on, dream, discover."

– Mark Twain 

Speaker Bio – Cristian Danel

Cristian Danel Is the Managing Director of ASM Training, which provides training for companies that produce or participate in events as part of their business strategy, organizations doing business within the corporate world (“C” level) and to Small and Medium size Enterprises (SME’s).

Cristian’s goal is to assist corporations in the training and development of their Sales and Business Development staff from the Executive Team to the Sales Executives level. 

Prior to founding ASM Training, Cristian have worked as a General Manager and Sales Business Development Director for the biggest event companies in the world. He has worked in every major region of the world including the U.S., Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. Cristian has had successful careers in sales, marketing, commercial real estate, and international business development. 

Cristian is charismatic and invites participants to strive for excellence at all levels in reaching their goals and aspirations. His courses are known for their dynamism, delivered in and easy to learn manner and includes “action exercises” including both individual and team exercises. 

Cristian is an expert and provides consultancy services in the areas of Sales, Sales Strategy, Business Development, Sponsorship Planning and Sales, International Business Expansion, Leadership Development, Telephone Sales, Team Building, Strategical Planning, Events Production, Business Coaching and Personal Development.

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