Sales Presentation

& Overcoming Objections

July 31 – 2018 | 12PM to 4PM

Nevada Hispanic Business Group

4350 S Eastern Ave #10

Las Vegas – Nevada 89119

"In twenty years' time, you will regret more of what you did not do than what you did. Then tear down the ropes, leave the safe haven, catch the successful winds, go on, dream, discover."

– Mark Twain 

About this Training

The old phrase “nothing happens in a company till a sale is made” has been truism since the beginning of the modern era. today and due to the global economic situation, the phrase has been changed to “without a sale, not sure if we will be in business”.

The globalization, new technologies and the level of competition that we experience every day is a very important aspect to train the sales professional in a different way. The difference is an emphasis on the personal relationships with “our clients”, developing a strong rapport and delivering a powerful, clear and professional sales presentation.

This training course will provide you with the tools, techniques and the appropriate information to face today’s challenges and to make sure that you have a master plan that will guide you reaching your goals and professional ambitions.

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