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“Invest 4 hours in a practical, dynamic and successful training that will make the difference for your organization”

"In twenty years' time, you will regret more of what you did not do than what you did. Then tear down the ropes, leave the safe haven, catch the successful winds, go on, dream, discover."

– Mark Twain 

  • What skills and abilities a sales professional must develop.

  • How to create a successful strategy to gain knowledge in all critical areas.

  • Develop a time frame with specific deadlines, to create a successful game plan.

  • What skills will help you achieve your potential?

  • Developing an unwavering attitude towards achieving goals

  • The best tools to monitor your progress

  • Identifying key factors necessary to implement the plan and achieve success

  • What areas are crucial for ensuring success

Successful sales professionals focus on results, and the way they achieve them is by being determined and relentless about developing the skills and abilities necessary to succeed. This dedication to developing the right skills ultimately creates a sales professional that not only hits its short-term goals, but instills a culture of learning and self-improvement in order to achieve its long-term goals as well. This presentation will give you the tools and procedures to reach your potential.

A practical game plan to develop your skills and abilities
  • How to understand ourselves and key ingredients needed for maximum potential

  • Methods to achieve the desired state of mind for sales success

  • Understand our fears and master them for our highest personal and professional development.

  • NLP for Sales Professionals: how to understand yourself and the key variables that will help you reach your potential.

  • Understanding and managing key aspects of our behavior to achieve professional goals.

Now more than ever before we must ensure in taking control over our lives and destinies. It is critical to develop a plan that will guarantee us the opportunity of reaching our goals and the highest level of Personal Power. This simply means: Controlling and deciding the direction of our lives. Once we realize that it is up to us to reach our potential, we must go to work and design a plan that will ensure obtaining our goals and dreams. Everything we experience in our lives it is due only to two reasons: we allow situations and people to influence our lives, the other is that we create these situations for ourselves. Let´s make sure we control our destiny in reaching our goals.

The psychology of achievement for Sales Professionals
  • The development of an effective sales presentation to secure more sales.

  • How to deal with the “Gate Keepers” and reach the “Decision Maker”.

  • The best ways for making your sales presentations dynamic, entertaining and engaging.

  • The seven steps to successful selling.

  • How to build relationships with both your current and potential clients to develop a long-lasting relationship.

  • How to ask the qualifying questions in a non-confrontational manner.

  • The importance of “urgency” in the sales presentation.

Selling is the process of convincing a person that your products and/or services will benefit them. The key to selling is to insure our clients feel a win-win situation and that we are not taking advantage of the situation in any way, shape or form. Having a good understanding of our clients’ needs and looking after them, in an honest way, will create the adequate environment for a transaction to take place.

Best practices for delivering your sales presentation
  • Practical guide to overcome objections in only four easily defined steps.

  • How to best deal with objections through intelligent questioning.

  • Learn how to overcome the top objections in any selling process.

  • How to understand the difference between a “major” and a “minor” objection.

  • Avoid arguing with potential clients while dealing with objections.

  • The importance of listening to the objections fully.

  • How to get to the heart of any objection and fully understand it.

  • Making sure you keep your responses clear and to the point.

Whether you've been selling for a day, a week, or a number of years, you know that no matter how good your persuasion techniques are whenever you make sales calls, there are objections. That’s why overcoming objections it is so important.

Overcoming Objections: “The name of the game”

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