Media-Advertising Sales Training

The media industry has experienced great changes in the last decade. No matter if your sales have to do with newspapers, magazines, television, billboards or internet, there is one variable that will define a company’s success: the ability to generate Sales!

Your company needs to have an effective advertising sales team in order to achieve your highest income goals. You must understand and execute advertising sales with excellence, to gain sales and market share over time.

Advertising sales is different than selling any other big-ticket business-to-business products and services. It is extremely important to improve your team’s skills and practices to sell advertising successfully.

We can provide the appropriate training for your team. We have experience in selling advertising in over 30 countries and we understand what is needed to succeed.

Training Summary:

  • Developing a Successful Media Sales Professional

  • Strategic Planning

  • Identifying Client Needs - A Different Approach

  • Tools and Procedures to Maximize Your Productivity

  • How to Deliver a Successful Sales Presentation

  • Overcoming Objections: “The Key to sales”

  • Media Sales Strategy

* Note: You can choose the full program or choose the topics that better suit your needs.

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