Marketing for Events Training

A good, well planned strategy to market your event, it is critical to reach your financial and professional goals.


There is a great deal of competitor events in the market, which makes it, even more challenging to succeed. It is necessary to plan every step of your Marketing plan, have plenty of time for the execution of each action is critical and having the right team, are a must in making your event a success.

People need to know about your conference in order to attend, and promotion ensures that people interested in your conference are exposed to it.

Training Summary:

  • Creating the Marketing Map

  • The Marketing Plan for Marketing

  • Working with Finance & Budgeting

  • The Creation of an Event Website:

  • Taking Advantage of the Technology in Marketing

  • Personal Tools & Procedures

  • Keeping Track of an Event

* Note: You can choose the full program or choose the topics that better suit your needs.

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