In-House Training

1. Your training needs:

We need to be sent your training needs which includes the areas, topics, issues and what you would like to achieve through the training course.

  • What would you like the training to focus on?

  • Where would you like the training to take place and when?

  • How many members of your team would you like to train?

  • What level of experience does your team currently enjoy?

2. Follow up: Telephone / Meeting:

  • Once we have received your requirements, contact will be made to go over your needs and create a plan of action.

  • Then we would like to have an initial discussion with the people involved and define procedures and strategies.


3. Proposal:

  • Once we reach an agreement and the training needs are, identified, will design a course specifically for your company detailing schedules, topics and procedures.

Available In-House Training Areas:
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