Corporate Sales Full Training Program
A proven game plan to develop your skills and abilities
  • What skills and abilities a sales professional must develop.

  • How to create a successful strategy to gain knowledge in all critical areas.

  • Develop a time frame with specific deadlines, to create a successful game plan.

Understanding yourself in order to reach your potential
  • Understand and manage the key aspects of our behavior in reaching your professional goals.

  • NLP for Sales Professionals: How to understand ourselves and key ingredients needed for maximum potential.

  • Methods to achieve the desired state of mind for sales success.

  • Understand our fears and master them for our highest personal and professional development.

Best practices for corporate sales success
  • Maximization profits through comprehensive strategy.

  • Develop a superior goal-orientation attitude.

  • What skills will make the difference in achieving your highest potential.

  • How to define your goals and make this definition quantifiable.

  • Develop different tools for monitoring your goals each and every day.

The Selling Process with a Higher Success Rate “ The Pitch”
  • The development of an effective prospecting scrip to secure more sales.

  • How to deal with the “Gate Keepers” (receptionists and personal assistants) and in reaching the “Decision Maker”.

  • The best ways for making your sales presentations dynamic, entertaining and engaging.

  • The seven steps to successful selling.

  • How to build relationships with both your current and potential clients to develop a long-lasting relationship.

  • How to ask the qualifying questions in a non-confrontational manner.

Overcoming Objections: “The Key to sales”
  • Practical guide to overcome objections in four steps.

  • How to best deal with objections through intelligent questioning.

  • Learn how to overcome the top five objections in any selling process.

  • How to understand the difference between major and minor objections.

Effective strategies for closing sales
  • How to create a suitable environment for the completion of the sale.

  • The different ways of closing a sale.

  • How to create a sense of urgency in closing.

  • How to become an effective "Closer".

Time Management for Sales Professionals
  • The Importance of planning, in advance, to benefit your productivity.

  • How to create scheduling to attack your prospective client base.

  • How to stop time wasting regarding unproductive activities.

  • How to improve your time saving skills.

Sales Administration
  • What are the best forms and documents in keeping track of your activities.

  • The setting up of time to take care of your administrative tasks.

  • Tips for developing an administrative system in helping to reach your goals.

  • How detailed activity records improve strategic planning.

Role Playing
  • Different scenarios performed to test each of the items taught in the training.

  • Time to clarify any of the items learned in the training.

  • Create active and dynamic challenges for the different departments of your company.

  • Perform role playing activities in different teams.

Avoiding middlemen in reaching the decision maker
  • Be knowledgeable of the person you are contacting before you pick up the phone or send an email.

  • Have a well-thought out and planned reason for your call before you pick up the phone.

  • How to avoid mistakes in sales intermediaries.

Effective making contact with the Company Executives
  • Determine how executive management sees value vs risk.

  • Linking your solutions with the objectives of your potential client.

  • How, when and why to engage executives in the sales process.

  • Questions regarding the level of qualification personnel.

The process of selling high efficiency of "The Pitch"
  • How to develop an effective script for greater sales.

  • How to deal with the "Gate Keepers" (receptionists - personal assistants) in reaching the decision maker.

  • The best ways to make your presentation more dynamic, engaging and interesting.

  • Seven steps to a successful sales presentation.

  • How to build relationships with potential customers and develop long lasting knowledge.

  • Learn how to ask question qualifiers of your product in a non-confrontational manner.

Art of listening to customers to achieve your sales targets
  • How to define the art of listening.

  • Granting your customers a reason to show respect and empathy to the sales process.

  • How to find key information by listening to the customer.

Overcoming objections: The key to sales
  • A practical guide to overcoming objections in four defined steps.

  • How best to deal with the objections by asking intelligent questions.

  • Learn how to overcome the five major objections during the sales process.

  • How to understand the difference between objections and the subject being presented.

Monitoring your performance through tools and procedures
  • How to improve your organizational skills to save time.

  • Set the time to take care of administrative tasks.

  • Establish guidelines for the development of administrative system in helping you achieve your goals.

  • Develop continuous documentation and monitoring of their activities to improve your strategy.

Monitoring and improving their performance to reach the goal
  • The best tools to monitor your daily activities.

  • Identifying the key factors necessary to implement the plan and achieve success.

  • Determine what areas are crucial to ensure success.

  • Develop collaborative surveillance systems to improve performance.

Using Social Media to Find and Reach Your Clients
  • Choose the social media platform that matches your target market.

  • A simple and effective way of using social media.

  • How to find the decision maker by researching social media.

  • Develop websites for your events.

  • Create a network to promote these events.

Creating a Strong and Successful Sales Team
  • Skills and variables that create successful teams.

  • How to develop inclusive strategy in avoiding overlaps.

  • Building the team by finding and hiring qualified talent.

  • Coaching: In the day – in the moment.

  • Protect time as a valuable resource you can’t sell if you aren’t spending time with customers.

Reaching success by having a great relationship between marketing and sales
  • Selling marketing ideas to be included in your strategy.

  • Best use of eMarketing software to generate sales.

  • How to develop a strong team between the marketing and sales departments.

  • Best html’s to e-market your products and services.

Best marketing alliance practices
  • How to identify the best partners for your marketing strategic alliances.

  • Best practices in negotiating the best possible alliance deals with your business partners.

  • Who are the most important players within the industry sectors with who you are working

  • Exchange information and ask for databases of your partners.

  • What are the best actions to take, with your partners, to better promote your events.

  • How could your alliances partners help to achieve your revenue targets.

  • Negotiate the best deal to promote your events within your partners portals, publications and magazines.

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