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About ASM Training

ASM Training, are experts in the areas of events and in selling to the corporate world.


We provide consulting and training to organizations producing events, trainings, trade shows and publications as part as their business strategy, as well as companies selling to the corporate world.


We enjoy over twenty-five years of successful business experience, in more than thirty countries around the world. Our team has in depth knowledge and the “know-how” gained from international dealings across diverse cultures and multiple geographies, which includes the USA and the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.


Understanding the variables that make an organization successful, we provide training and assistance in all areas. We also are available to assist in opening new markets, working in different countries, cultures, developing new products and building successful teams.

We provide training in the following areas:

Note: We also provide our Clients with ad-hoc training which are designed to address a specific project or area.

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